Environmental Sustainability

At Visionscape Environmental SA, we are committed to cultivating a sustainable business that focuses on bettering the environment while meeting the needs of today’s population consumption and demands. We circumvent the depletion of the earth’s natural resources and encouraging the preservation of the environment with a closed loop system achieving a circular economy business model. Visionscape Environmental SA is already in the process of working towards targeted actions that will ensure environmental sustainability is achieved. Some of our targeted actions are to ensure that:

  • Waste is managed as a resource by 2020
  • Waste generated per capita is in absolute decline
  • Recycling and reusing waste as an economically attractive resource option for public and private sectors, and the development of functional markets for secondary raw materials
  • Critical raw materials that have a significant impact on the environment are recycled
  • Waste legislation is fully implemented
  • Illegal shipments of waste have been eradicated
  • Energy recovery is limited to non-recyclable materials
  • Landfilling is virtually eliminated, and high-quality recycling is ensured

We plan to continue focusing on recycling depth and efficiency; in combination with a continued focus on regional and local environmental issues, compliance, and on ensuring a sound and healthy economic basis.