About Us

Visionscape Environmental SA is a recycling subsidiary of the Visionscape Group, providing one of the most advanced recycling plants for post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene waste plastics.

We are a recognised industry leader in HDPE recycling and key producer of food grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in Europe. We utilise proven, patented technologies to meet the increased demand in today’s marketplace for sustainable plastic products and services; and our state-of-the-art facility primarily focuses on the recycling of polyethylene film with the capacity to process approx. 20,000 tons per year.

We recover post-consumer film from global markets and converted back into high-grade premium recycled pellets, known as post-consumer resins (PCR) – a much sought-after raw material used for extrusion, injection moulding and by consumer product goods manufacturers.

Our company has built its position in the industry through our product quality and value-added offerings, therefore giving us a unique selling point, standing out amongst competitors. As a result, our portfolio of clients includesleadingmanufactures of PCR and next generation forerunners in the recycling industry.